Keep your workforce physically and mentally healthy amidst COVID-19 and help them effectively cope with the challenges presented by this global health crisis.


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Equip Your Employees for
Optimal Performance

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant rise in employee anxiety and stress in the workplace, and employers are seeing the direct effects on a daily basis. More than a third of all Americans are now showing clinically recognizable signs of depression and anxiety, which has a direct impact on employee engagement and productivity during the workday.

Be an advocate for Mental and
Physical Wellbeing

The American Psychiatric Association shows that only half of all employees are comfortable discussing mental health issues in the workplace, yet the number of people seeking assistance from distress hotlines has increased by more than 1,000% since the pandemic. Employees recognize the need for wellbeing support, but too often are unsure how to seek it out in the workplace.

Encouraging your employees to care for their personal wellbeing demonstrates your support and fosters a strong, positive corporate culture. Ultimately, this will lead to improved employee engagement, stronger internal teams, and happier, more productive employees.

Our Coping Resource can help you
advocate for your employees by:

Promoting Mental Health

Teach your employees actionable strategies for reducing stress and anxiety and contributing to their overall wellbeing.

Offering Healthy Diet Strategies

Remind employees how to boost their physical health and immune systems by maintaining healthy dietary regimen.

Encouraging Social Support Systems

Offer alternative solutions to keep employees socially connected to friends and loved ones, even while respecting stay-at-home and social distancing guidelines.

Advocating Self-Awareness and Self-Care

Provide gentle self-awareness assessments to help employees identify the early warning signs of emotional distress and take actionable steps to rest and recharge.

Together, we are facing an precedented challenge that is taking its toll on our employee's health - both physically and mentally. As leaders we have the responsibility to provide them with the tools to effectively cope as they bravely overcome personal and professional challenges.

Our FREE COVID-19 Coping Resource can greatly improve your messaging around employee wellbeing. Inside, you'll find helpful suggestions to display on your digital signage and communication channels to help your employees keep their mental and physical health in check. Available as a video or PowerPoint, this resource can be directly loaded onto your digital signage or used as a reference for suggested coping strategies to offer to your employees.

Maximize Your Pandemic
Response Program

Encouraging a healthy focus on employee wellbeing is one part of a well-rounded pandemic response program. Your organization will undoubtedly have regular updates, procedural changes, and safety protocol notices to share with employees. Fortunately, careful planning and the use of strategic tools can help simplify the process.

Your FREE COVID-19 Coping Resource offers these benefits to streamline your pandemic response program:

Maintains Employee Mindfulness About Wellbeing

Your wellbeing messages displayed through your digital signage maintain top-of-mind awareness and keep employees mindful of the potential impact of the current pandemic.

Keeps Employees Healthy and

Companies that prioritize mental and physical health efforts are shown to have happier, more productive employees.

Provides Different Messaging
Channel Opportunities

Be an advocate for your employees anytime and anywhere by sharing this message through email, messaging and social apps, or on your digital signs.

Downloads in Ready-to-Display Formats

Downloadable in video or PowerPoint, your resource is ready for immediate display on your digital signs, saving you time from crafting your own content.

Promote a
“Stronger Together”

Your employees are your most valuable asset. When you advocate for strong mental health amongst your team, it promotes a supportive culture and encourages a “stronger together” team mentality. Download your FREE Coping Resource today and share the resources with your team to provide actionable steps for facing these uncertain times.