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Indigo’s cloud-based software allows you to share your content and integrate the apps you already use to create and deliver messages that compel your audience to read and engage!

  • Improve culture by sharing important company information
  • Drive engagement and sales performance by promoting products and special offers
  • Display critical KPI’s to improve production
  • Connect with your audience by leveraging popular apps to elevate your communication

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Digital Signage in 3 Easy Steps

With Indigo’s plug-and-play cloud-based platform, you’ll be checking digital signage off your to-do list in no time!

Connect Your Player

Simply connect your Indigo Vizual player to your TV with the provided HDMI cord.

Add Your Content

Upload your own content or take advantage of Indigo’s professionally designed library of topics. Engaging your audience only takes seconds.  

Share Your Communication

Send your content to all your signs or just a few. Our intuitive interface allows you to easily manage your communication network. Manage your digital signage like a pro in no time.

Choose the No-Stress Digital Signage Solution for Any Industry

Flexible signage software that enables you to easily share popular file formats with the support of the industries' most dedicated team. Get ready to take your communication to an entirely new level in record time.

  • Easy to use content manager
  • Hands-off automation tools and scheduling features
  • Popular apps and integrations to bring more impactful content options to your screens
  • Unparalleled Indigo service and support

Bring Your Screens to Life with Your Favorite Apps!

Make the most out of your digital signage with Indigo's apps and business tool integrations. Connect apps you use to showcase real-time data to inform your audiences and create dynamic displays to boost engagement. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to integrate and manage your apps to improve your communication, workflow, and productivity.

Indigo’s Digital Signage Across Industries  

Digital signage can help you inform, educate, entertain, and sell by immediately connecting with your audience - and our solution makes this simple and easy. Whether you’re reaching customers, employees, or guests, Indigo Vizual can help you achieve your communication goals and encourage your audience to take action.

Employee Communication

Exceptional communication is the secret sauce of the best workplace cultures.

Digital signage allows you to easily share all your organization’s information with your employees, keeping them informed, engaged and valued as a part of your organization.  
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Banks and financial institutions that utilize digital signage are shown to decrease perceived wait times, strengthen customer loyalty, and improve customer perception of industry expertise. Interest rates and mortgage specials can change frequently, so digital solutions that stay constantly updated have a clear edge over traditional paper signage.
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Waiting rooms can become an enjoyable and educational experience for patients with digital signage. Easily share health and wellness tips, estimated waiting times, additional services offered and more. Healthcare facilities can also enforce proper safety protocols by sharing protection guidelines.
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Restaurants and other hospitality venues can increase revenues by up to 32% using digital signage by sharing menus, specials, upsell opportunities and new products.
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From boutique shopping spaces to salons and spas, retail locations thrive using digital signage to showcase products and services.

Display service menus, highlight new product arrivals and encourage repeat business through sharing loyalty program opportunities.
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Employee Communication

Exceptional communication is the secret sauce of the best workplace cultures.

Digital signage allows you to easily share all your organization’s information with your employees, keeping them informed, engaged and valued as a part of your organization.  
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See Indigo in Action


Let us prove that Indigo Vizual is the easiest way to get started with digital signage. We’ll help you get up and running in minutes with our intuitive, yet robust digital software that can be adapted to fit your unique business goals.

We’re also happy to answer any questions you have about digital signage and how Indigo can help your organization - no strings attached.

Digital Signage FAQs

How does digital signage work?

You need 3 things - a TV, an Indigo sign player, and a license to manage your content. With Indigo Vizual, you can use a TV or screen that displays at minimum in 1080p resolution or we can provide you with TV’s.  Once you’ve selected an Indigo sign player and license for each screen, just login to your Indigo account.   In a few clicks you’ll be sharing your content … it’s just that easy.

Why do I need digital signage?

For years, businesses relied on printed posters, bulletin boards or emails. In today’s world, information is constantly changing. Providing the latest information to your customers and employees isn’t practical with traditional print. Digital signage eliminates the rising costs of distributing printed materials and reaches your audience in a fraction of the time. Digital signage allows you to easily connect to your audience with a communication experience that is engaging, constantly changing and keeping your information top of mind.

Why should I choose Indigo Vizual?

We know you have many options for digital signage providers. Our team at Indigo offers a personalized level of service that is rare in today’s DIY environment. Indigo combines best-in-class hardware and software solutions with a rich feature set, pre-made content options, and unparalleled customer support to ensure you can get started on your digital signage journey with a minimal learning curve.

How much time do I need to manage my digital signs?

While timeframes can vary by business needs, typical content management can be managed using Indigo in less than 1 hour per month and those with more involved communication plans are typically less than 2 hours a month. Our content libraries and app integrations help you source content without recreating the wheel, and our scheduling and organization features help you schedule out content in advance with a few clicks.

Is Indigo Vizual expensive?

Not at all! You can get started with us for less than $20 per month, and we offer different package options to help you match your desired features to your budget.

Can I delegate the management of my signs to someone else in my office?

Yes. We have a variety of user permission settings so you can easily assign another team member to manage content on specific signs, or you can delegate your entire communication program. We’ll even help you get started.

Make Communication Easy and Engaging With Indigo Digital Signage

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Plans start as low as $19/device

What Our Clients Say

Mark Hayes

Corporate Safety Manager
My experience with Indigo over the years has been exceptional.   The Indigo team is responsive, creative and supportive of our efforts to engage our team members.  Highly recommend partnering with them to drive long-term success.

Ryan Rebman

Health and Safety Director, NA
Have worked with Indigo for a number of years.  They are always coming up with innovative, effective ways to get the message to the masses.  They are incredibly easy and fun to work with!  Would recommend Jack and team to anyone!

Bob Lewis

Director, Safety and Environmental
The Indigo team are an awesome bunch to work with. In addition to being creative and talented, they are very responsive and in tune with their customers' needs. It has been a real pleasure interacting with them over the years.

Didacus Guzman

Safety Manager, Quality Pork Processors
Mike and the entire team at INDIGO made the experience effortless and simple. It helps that they have a great communications app! Anyone looking for a well rounded group to help your communication needs has found the right people! No high pressure sales and a complete pleasure.

Scott Higdon

IT Manager, TempStaff
We have been using Indigo at our 3 branch offices for about a year.  We couldn't be more pleased with the product and customer service we have received.

Brett Hanford

Plant Manager, Washington Mills
I had been researching for a communication system that was simple to use, be controlled remotely and would help easily communicate/promote different topics to our employees. My search led me to Indigo and they have delivered all that and more. The system start up, equipment, etc. was really simple. Our objective to improve our employee communication has been far exceeded using the Indigo Workplace Communication.

Patricia Garcia

Human Resources Manager, D&W FinePack
Indigo provides an easy access user friendly system with highly professional and relevant content. I utilized their services at a previous company and still refer to them for content.