Digital Signage Software for Healthcare Professionals

Share health and wellness tips, vaccination updates and more to enhance the patient experience.

Digital signage is ideal for creating a warm waiting environment while driving additional clinic revenues by sharing all the patient services you offer.  


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How Indigo Serves the
Healthcare Industry

  • Eye-catching welcome lobby screens with current weather, traffic, and news integrations
  • Health tips and reminder templates to share the latest health news and keep patients informed
  • Healthcare signage professionally designed to increase engagement and improve your patients’ perception of wait times
  • Remotely manage your healthcare signage to update content for multiple offices from any location

Bring Your Screens to Life with Your Favorite Apps!

Make the most out of your digital signage with Indigo's apps and business tool integrations. Connect apps you use to showcase real-time data to inform your audiences and create dynamic displays to boost engagement. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to integrate and manage your apps to improve your communication, workflow, and productivity.

Smart Features for Health Clinics

Health and Wellness Tips

From safe hygiene practices to healthy eating suggestions, use our health and wellness tips to position your clinicians as the experts. Display healthcare templates that keep your patients both entertained and informed.

Vaccination and Inoculation Reminders

Share the latest in vaccine information and inoculation reminders. Customize your reminders for age-specific groups and schedule them during peak times to encourage your patients to take preventative health measures.

Weather Updates

Improve the patient experience by sharing local weather forecasts and alerts. Simply enter the zip code of your local clinic to keep visitors informed and weather-aware during adverse conditions.

Healthcare Digital Signage Templates

Engage your customers with professionally designed content.

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