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Connect the apps already use or explore our selection of built-in apps to increase engagement and streamline processes.

Optimize Your Digital Signage With These Integrations

Break through the limits of your digital signage and take it to a higher level with the power of Indigo's app integrations! By combining these tools with your screens, you'll be able to do more and achieve more in optimizing your content and reaching your audience like never before!

Create Customizable Content

Showcase your dynamic content on your screens using external data sources, integrations and apps that allow you to customize your content s to keep your audiences informed and engaged.

Increase Social Presence

Amplify your brand awareness, boost your social media following and visibility, and build brand loyalty by displaying your social media content on your digital screens

Improve Collaboration, Communication, & Productivity

Simplify your communication, streamline workflows and share multiple calendars with your team by integrating your Google suite applications into your digital signage. Display documents, presentations, and calendars that reflect changes in real-time.

Bring Your Screens to Life with Your Favorite Apps!

Make the most out of your digital signage with Indigo's apps and business tool integrations. Connect apps you use to showcase real-time data to inform your audiences and create dynamic displays to boost engagement. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to integrate and manage your apps to improve your communication, workflow, and productivity.

Integration Resources

Your go-to hub for all the tools you need to seamlessly integrate your favorite apps and streamline your communication

Upload, watch, and share videos on a variety of topics.
Create stunning designs from a collection of templates, images, and fonts.
Create websites and web applications optimized for multimedia and mobile devices.
Stay up to date with the latest content from your favorite blogs, news sites, and online publishers.
Tweet real-time information and connect with others on different topics.
Showcase your products using IG-worthy photos and videos to help build your brand with followers.
Connect with others, share content, and advertise your products and services to a wide audience.
Google Sheet
Create and manage spreadsheets online for budgeting, project tracking, and data analysis.
Google Doc
Create, edit, and collaborate on documents in real-time.
Google Calendar
Create events, set reminders, and share your calendar with others.
Google Slide
Create and deliver engaging presentations online using a wide range of templates and tools.
Get real-time and forecasted weather information to help you plan your activities.
Severe Weather
Stay safe and make informed decisions during severe weather conditions.
Display scrolling graphics on screens to broadcast news, stock market data, and other information in real time.
Analyze data, create interactive reports, and share insights with others.
QR Code
Scan the code using your smartphone camera to quickly access information.
MS Teams
Revolutionize your communication process, effortlessly reaching both office-based and remote employees for an enhanced, productive collaboration experience through our integrated Microsoft Teams feature.
Count UP Timer
From showcasing event durations to monitoring performance and highlighting uptime, you can easily measure their progress with a dynamic count-up timer on your screens! Customize your message with eye-catching font and background colors and let the timer start!
Count Down Timer
Create a buzz for your product launches or promotions and company events with a countdown timer on your screens! Choose from two style options and customize your message with text and background colors.
Injury Free Counter
Promote the importance of safety in the workplace with a visual reminder of number of days your team has worked injury free. Easily customize your messaging and background color, and you can even reset the timer with ease!
Live Stream
Experience live feeds directly from a URL, watching real-time broadcasts or live camera footage for superior accessibility and heightened audience engagement.
Premium Workplace Library
Amplify your corporate communication with access to our extensive, top-tier workplace topical library, specifically tailored to boost your company's communication initiatives.
Customizable Templates
Streamline your content creation process with our professionally designed, fully customizable templates, saving you significant time and effort in crafting compelling messages for your organization.

and more being added regularly...

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What Our Clients Say

Mark Hayes

Corporate Safety Manager
My experience with Indigo over the years has been exceptional.   The Indigo team is responsive, creative and supportive of our efforts to engage our team members.  Highly recommend partnering with them to drive long-term success.

Ryan Rebman

Health and Safety Director, NA
Have worked with Indigo for a number of years.  They are always coming up with innovative, effective ways to get the message to the masses.  They are incredibly easy and fun to work with!  Would recommend Jack and team to anyone!

Bob Lewis

Director, Safety and Environmental
The Indigo team are an awesome bunch to work with. In addition to being creative and talented, they are very responsive and in tune with their customers' needs. It has been a real pleasure interacting with them over the years.

Didacus Guzman

Safety Manager, Quality Pork Processors
Mike and the entire team at INDIGO made the experience effortless and simple. It helps that they have a great communications app! Anyone looking for a well rounded group to help your communication needs has found the right people! No high pressure sales and a complete pleasure.

Scott Higdon

IT Manager, TempStaff
We have been using Indigo at our 3 branch offices for about a year.  We couldn't be more pleased with the product and customer service we have received.

Brett Hanford

Plant Manager, Washington Mills
I had been researching for a communication system that was simple to use, be controlled remotely and would help easily communicate/promote different topics to our employees. My search led me to Indigo and they have delivered all that and more. The system start up, equipment, etc. was really simple. Our objective to improve our employee communication has been far exceeded using the Indigo Workplace Communication.

Patricia Garcia

Human Resources Manager, D&W FinePack
Indigo provides an easy access user friendly system with highly professional and relevant content. I utilized their services at a previous company and still refer to them for content.