Robust and Powerful

Customizable and High-Performance Digital Signage Features

Indigo Vizual combines the best in software, hardware and application features to create a dynamic content experience with minimal effort.

Our robust feature set scales with your business, allowing you to choose the elements that are the best fit for your audience and your communication goals.


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Digital Signage Created For Your Business

Diverse File

Easily upload documents, images, slideshows, videos, presentations, and other content from popular file types directly to your signs.

Your Way

You know your audience best. Use your existing content, connect to your apps and social media profiles, or enhance your message with content from our libraries.

Easily Scalable

Whether you have one display or one thousand, Indigo can be easily & seamlessly scaled to help you deliver your content as your business grows.

Plug and Play

With Indigo’s simple and intuitive setup, you’ll be online and managing content in minutes. Your IT team will love us.

Essential Content Management Tools

We’ll Keep Your Communication Toolbox Loaded with Features That Matter Most

Flexible playlists with filtering & tags
Versatile user access controls
Transparent management
reporting and analytics
Content scheduling and playback preview capabilities
SSO security features
Remote display preview
Sign layouts with multiple content zone options
Private and public cloud content folder options

Bring Your Screens to Life with Your Favorite Apps!

Make the most out of your digital signage with Indigo's apps and business tool integrations. Connect apps you use to showcase real-time data to inform your audiences and create dynamic displays to boost engagement. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to integrate and manage your apps to improve your communication, workflow, and productivity.

Features to Put Your Content on Display

Weather Forecasting
and Alerts
Weather Forecasting
and Alerts

Display local weather forecasts in your locations across the country by simply entering the local zip code. Our easy weather integrations allow you to display forecasts for the current day or several days ahead and share severe weather alerts* in real time.

Social Media
Social Media Covers

Pull content from your social media profiles and display posts directly on your digital signage. Indigo Vizual® integrates with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even communication platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Extensive Content Library
Extensive Content Library

Indigo’s pre-built content library offers done-for-you templates spanning multiple industries and uses. Share health and safety reminders, business updates, daily specials, menu boards, new product announcements, and more. As your content needs  grow, scale your content library with our paid add-on to access even more professionally designed content. 

Business Integrations

Power up your displays with our full line of business integrations. Share content from data tools like Microsoft Power BI or Google Sheets, share inspirational team communication from Microsoft Teams or Slack, and keep your team on point with our Google Calendar integration.

RSS Feeds
RSS Feeds

Pull in news and sports headlines, blog feeds and more with the RSS integration. Paste the RSS feed link into the designated area of your Indigo content management system and we’ll do the rest. You’ll see new content formatted automatically with no additional effort.

QR Codes
QR Codes

Embed QR Codes directly into your content for added engagement and content flexibility. By scanning the on-screen QR codes, your viewers can quickly connect to submission forms, coupons, websites, and other valuable content. 

Scrolling Tickers

Add custom scrolling messages along the bottom of your digital screens with Indigo’s ticker functionality. From simple reminders to valuable team recognition, ticker messages can be added to any layout to capture your viewers’ attention. You can even share real-time stock price updates from NYSE and NASDAQ with the stock ticker upgrade. 

* Access to stock tickers requires an add-on subscription with a Pro or Enterprise license.


Incorporate your existing Canva designs or create new ones to share on your digital signs using our Canva integration. With just a few clicks, you can easily transfer Canva designs into a playlist for professional content sharing in minutes.

HTML5 Displays
HTML5 Displays

Share any HTML5-compliant website on your digital signage by simply pasting in the site URL. Utilize HTML5-based web templates to build your own custom designs or share existing websites with ease. 

Custom Integrations

Want to display reports, KPI’s, and dashboards from the applications you already use? Our team will work with you to develop the ideal display for your team with a custom integration that pushes real-time data using automatic content refresh.

* Custom integrations available for Enterprise licenses.

High-Performance Hardware

Every Indigo device is custom-built with the latest in high-performance technology and designed for a seamless display experience.

Supports high-resolution displays

The Indigo player accepts HD and 4K video on compatible displays.

Equipped with offline playback

Your content plays even when your internet is offline. Indigo’s proprietary pull technology avoids streaming and minimizes bandwidth usage, allowing your signs to stay active even during an internet outage. Once your internet is restored, any new content updates will be pulled to your Indigo Vizual® players.

Multi-layout enabled

You can choose content to display in one or more zones on your signs. Select different background templates for specific signs or have them all the same. The flexibility is yours to change a layout easily for the display needs of your content.

Easy to set up

We provide everything you need to connect your player to the TV. You'll receive a player, mount, power cable, remote keyboard, HDMI cable and an installation guide. With a few steps, you'll have the player connected to the TV, establishing your connection to the internet and initializing the player with the license key. This platform is easily scalable across any organization.

High-Performance Hardware

Every Indigo Vizual® device is custom-built with the latest in high-performance technology and designed for a seamless display experience.

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