Expand your communication efforts to an even greater level with Mosaic.  In addition to the capabilities of Vista, Mosaic enables you to utilize additional features to enhance the workplace experience.

Whether managing the logistics of transportation or navigating your way home … traffic updates can keep you moving.  Severe weather alerts keep employees informed of inclement weather conditions that could affect their area.  RSS feeds add additional entertainment value and keep employees engaged the entire work day.



  • Upload content immediately from your computer or mobile device
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Adobe PDF file formats
  • Upload popular image and video formats
  • Display topics on wellness, safety, and transportation selected from our library
  • Live multi-shift ticker displays custom messages and tracks current days safe
  • Choose from a library of available safety and wellness tips
  • Current weather displays and severe weather alerts for one or multiple areas
  • Traffic maps with color-coordinated traffic delays, incidents and travel times
  • Live RSS News feed and updates
  • Select from multiple sign templates for greater engagement




An affordable approach to sharing the content that’s important to your employees


Expand your communication efforts to an even greater level with Mosaic


Unparalleled features and flexibility in digital sign management