Digital Sign Advantage

Staying connected with your workforce is a critical contributor to a successful corporate culture.  A major factor of that success is knowing your audience and how to effectively deliver your message in a manner that relates to your audience.  Consider your audience and the manner in which you provide communication.  Is traditional printed media and it’s continual rising costs providing the best return on investment?  Are your employees vested in your company culture?

Workplace communication, Advantages of digital signage & Digital communication

Did you know the average attention span has decreased to 8.25 seconds?  That’s less than a goldfish.

We can thank the digital age for the availability of mobile devices and the digital media that constantly surrounds us.  From ordering dinner in restaurants, standing in the grocery checkout line, riding in taxi cabs, digital signage is now an everyday experience.   We are becoming conditioned to quickly assimilate information in a digital manner and move on.

Companies that rely on traditional printed media have to pay for materials to be printed and shipped.  Bulletin boards are not always kept current, are difficult to keep organized and if sending communication out to multiple locations, you are not guaranteed the information will be posted.  Also, 20-25% of your budget is going to rising costs of packaging and shipping and that cost continually rises.

Digital signage offers many benefits that traditional printed media doesn’t. Using an effective digital signage network allows you to:

  • Quickly display dynamic messages from one to hundreds of locations
  • Include important video messages from organizational leaders
  • Delivery concise information to a global workforce from a web portal
  • Increase employee engagement by recognizing employee’s achievements and milestones
  • Attract employee’s attention by incorporating relevant and fresh content that is engaging
  • Employees know they are meeting goals by consistently seeing production and sales analytics
  • Build greater interest by combining important company information with the added value of Sports, News and Entertainment sources

Engaging employees through digital signage allows companies to build relationships with the workforce and while creating a richer information exchange. When the message is relevant, received in a manner they can relate to, you build greater connection and employees become more vested in your culture.